The Brand

Beyond Buds was in the works for a while and we just didn't know it. After collecting many flower vases from the thrift-trips throughout the last year, the decision was made to fill them. Week after week they were filled with beautiful flowers. It wasn't until the surface area in the house got scarce that Beyond Buds was born. Born to give old vases new homes to any and all kinds of people.

Here at Beyond Buds we believe that everyone deserves flowers. Whether you're sending them to a loved one, a coworker, a friend, an FWB, an enemy, we're not here to judge. Like we said, EVERYONE deserves flowers once in a while.

The Site

On the Beyond Buds site (P.S. you're already here) you can order and send flowers to anyone... in Wichita, KS*. Don't worry, that's the only catch! We provide several sizes and each bouquet will come in it’s own unique thrifted vase. Since these arrangements are hand-made in vases that are thrifted with love and hand-delivered, please make sure to place your order with enough time us to work our magic. Big dreams, but a small one woman show.

*All recipients must be located in Wichita, KS. The sender/buyer can be located anywhere.

The Social

While you can purchase a bouquet on our site at any time, we also do frequent sales called "Bouquet Snags" on our Instagram. A snag has a set amount of bouquets for grabs that are all delivered on the same day! There are several sizes to choose from and each bouquet will, of course, come in it’s own thrifted vase. Like the orders on our site, the drops will be available for those local to Wichita only. This means that only the recipient needs to be local to Wichita, KS but you can purchase from wherever the hell you live!

Keep up with our latest on our Instagram @beyondbudsfloral.

The Florist

As a creative from the get go, Hannah was looking for a way to fill her cup outside of her day job. She's been putting floral arrangements together for family and friends for as long as she can remember so after the first Beyond Buds Bouquet Snag, her cup was overflowing. The decision to keep the business going was an easy one.

As the florist of Beyond Buds, her goal is to create arrangements that bring a smile to all involved.